Axilion was founded in 2009 and specializes on creating novel SaaS and software solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and SmartCity applications. We focus on TSP (Transit Signal Priority), adaptive traffic signal network coordination and traffic control.


Axilion’s team consists of expert software and traffic engineers that combine broad experience in traffic design along with commercial software development in leading hi-tech companies. 


Our goal is to leverage the most advanced software technology in an interactive, easy-to-use automated manner that enables our customers to save expensive engineering time. We value our customers and invest extreme efforts to provide high service level and professional support along with innovative software solutions.


Axilion's software and SaaS solutions are deployed in over 15 cities globally



Our mission is to reduce congestion in city center, save fuel and lower carbon emission by enabling a prioritized, faster and on schedule bus and Tram services that will encourage more people to prefer it over their private cars


Axilion’s proprietary field proven technology is used in major Tram and BRT projects in Europe and Israel. TransEm D3 technology enables Rapid, accurate, cost-effective, and safe traffic signal design with dramatically reduced field testing time and implementation costs through our unique design verification technology. Our customers benefits from accelerated design cycles through TransEm D3 proprietary automated design and deployment capabilities replacing current error-prone human-intensive process.