We enable cities around the globe to reclaim their traffic-congested streets by harnessing advanced AI technology that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network

Once implemented, travelers experience smoother travel with more green waves, resulting in up to 40% reduced commute time and substantial reduction of emissions


  • Optimal design, deployment and SaaS based monitoring to Transit Signal Priority and coordinated "Green-Waves"
  • Priority for bus and tram with minimum effect on road users and on signal coordination (Green-wave)
  • Scalable solution based on existing infrastructure
  • Distributed algorithm enabling 100% priority (no stop at the lights) with flexibility to adjust priority in real-time from the centralized traffic control center  
  • Proven solution deployed in 1,000's of intersections in Israel, Europe and the US, and used daily by 100's of traffic engineers


  • Up to 400% growth in transit ridership
  • Fuel savings by shortening BRT trip time by up to 40%
  • Eliminating 40% idling periods on traffic signals
  • 30% smaller Bus/Trams fleets while preserving service frequency and adhering schedule
  • More reliable and accurate fleet management
  • Retrofit to multiple existing traffic controllers hardware facilitating transit priority across multiple jurisdictions


  • A faster, on schedule, reliable BRT and Tram Service
  • Reduced congestion in city centers  with more people preferring the BRT and Tram over their private cars
  • Dramatically reduced carbon emissions by minimizing BRT stop-and-go times 
  • Scalable and rapid implementation with no major construction required
  • Enables cities to standardize Time Plan design and deployment to all signalized intersections, and dramatically increase the pace of Time Plan design by city traffic engineers