TransEm D3 is the ideal choice for municipalities and traffic engineering firms for projects requiring transit signal priority (TSP) to Tram and BRT with multiple junction coordination capabilities. TransEm D3 introduces an overall lower cost of design and implementation.

The TransEm D3 Consists of Three Modules 


Comprehensive Traffic Signal Design

  • Easily extendable/configurable user-interface to support project specific functionality and enforce design guidelines
  • Unique user friendly priority logics generation interface for non-programmer traffic engineer
  • Automatic inter-stage generation with graphical wasted time indication and evacuation matrix violations
  • Direct export of pre-compiled design code to wide range of target signal controller including real-time cross-check capability
  • Supports various countries specific design methodologies and regulation
  • Single click creation of complete customizable design booklet (PDF) with optional "track changes" highlights

Program Schedule

Junction Map



State of The Art Interactive Traffic Signal Visualization and Optimization Tool

  • Interactive tool with instant response time and advanced graphical presentation
  • Complete signal design performance analysis, validation and tuning including
    • Coordinated junctions (green-wave) 
    • Priority logics functioning and performance (TSP)
    • Traffic control system (TCS) interface
    • Statistical scenario generation
  • Verifies safety criteria and other design constraints, interactively and in batch operation
  • Identifies potential design flaws via a predefined test cases or by statistical detector activation
  • Compares different design versions and enable what-if analysis with interactive visual reports
  • Instantly generates various reports and statistics on functioning characteristics

Green-Wave Emulator

Scenario results

Scenario compare


Automated Validation Tool of Target Signal Controller

  • Eliminates the need for manual detector activation using traditional switch matrix
  • Reads back controller functioning in real time and validate against signal design
  • Interfaces almost any signal controller available by queuing real time detector activation sequences
  • Enables unattended over-night extensive testing of controller functioning
  • Visualize and report inconsistencies in controller implementation vs. design

Traffic Signal Design Flow

Controller Vs Emulator Compare

Trigger Detectors to controller