Advanced Software Suite for Traffic Signal Design, Validation and Implementation

TransEm D3 is the ideal choice for municipalities and traffic engineering firms for projects requiring transit signal priority (TSP) to Tram and BRT with multiple junction coordination capabilities. TransEm D3 introduces an overall lower cost of design and implementation with the following advantages:

  • Accelerated design time with automated design and verification capabilities
  • Eliminates expensive on-field correction cycles providing matured design and remote validation
  • Field proven tool used in projects that requires 100% traffic signal priority
  • Highly customizable software to support unique requirements and government regulations

Scaleable and Affordable Software Based Traffic Control Center

TrafficStream  traffic control system, An innovative software solution designed for small to large cities. Falcons utilizes latest web and communications technologies to enable cities to easily control and maintain its traffic lights network:

  • Eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrade by utilizing wireless (cellular, wi-fi) or wired communication
  • Field proven technology with successful deployment in several cities
  • The most cost effective solution available

"First of all, we have to sing the praises of TransEm software. This tool is really amazing... It appears that TransEm is a very good tool for self-checking, particularly in case of coordination, and is better than the ones that we use most of the time. Therefore it helped us to produce the best design..."

Jerusalem LRT, European Design Team Project Manager