Reduce Congestion. Reduce Pollution. Increase Safety. With AI Today.

Take control of your city’s mobility with our cutting-edge solutions, available through Microsoft Azure, that generate real-time traffic insights and optimized traffic plans

  • Cut travel time

  • Reduce emissions

  • Improve pedestrian safety

  • Adapt to changing mobility patterns

Transform Your City With AI

Rising congestion is leading to increased traffic-related emissions and other mobility-related challenges.
 At the same time, how people choose to move around is constantly changing with more scooters, cyclists, and other micromobility devices on the road. Axilion’s AI-based SaaS solutions allow you to identify, visualize, understand, analyze, and optimize city-wide mobility.

Your City’s Digital Twin

Axilion is reimagining what is possible for mobility with technology that merges the physical and virtual worlds. Our X Way Cloud Services have been built from the ground-up alongside Microsoft and utilize our unique AI-based Digital platform to create a virtual replica of your city’s road network in the cloud.

Join the Mobility Revolution

Visualize Through Video AI

Understand your city from a whole new perspective via X Way’s AI-based cameras that capture your road-network and showcase traffic patterns and traffic issues. Identify and understand all road-users including vehicles, public transit, pedestrians, and micromobility users.

Take Traffic Planning to the Next level

Step into the fourth dimension with X Way’s Mobility Digital Twin that analyzes your city’s mobility and ensures your traffic plans match actual traffic patterns.

Continuously Optimize With Reinforcement Learning

Cut travel time by up to 40% with X Way’s proprietary algorithms that continually optimize traffic flow. Reduce “stop & go” traffic to decrease vehicle-related emissions.

Maximize ROI with AI

Eliminate the need for costly new infrastructure and roadworks. X Way maximizes your existing assets through easy to deploy “non-invasive” AI that generates results within weeks.

Digital Twinning Into the Future

“ Axilion’s Digital Twin technology is the future of integrated mobility management. Its simulation of real-world traffic conditions has an unlimited potential to unlock long-standing traffic gridlocks at major cities across the world ”

John D. Pocari, Former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Transportation

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How X Way Works

  • Understand

    X Way’s AI Mobile Edge Cameras, mountable to any vehicle, use proprietary AI video technology to capture your city’s road-networks.

  • Digitize

    Video data is streamed from the Edge to the Microsoft Azure Cloud to create (and continually calibrate) your city’s Mobility Digital Twin.

  • Solve

    X Way’s Mobility Digital Twin analyzes all your city’s movement and uses Reinforcement Learning to improve city-wide mobility for all road users.


The City of Jerusalem

“ Together with Axilion, we’ve accomplished our goals of reducing carbon emissions in the city center by motivating residents to choose public transportation—all while increasing pedestrian safety and overall mobility systems effectiveness ”

Moshe Leon, Mayor, City of Jerusalem

  • Fleet savings - $600 million
  • 28% less power required to operate trams
  • 100,000 tonnes of CO2 saved per year

The City of Haifa

“ Our unique BRT (Metronit) lines’ effectiveness received a significant upgrade by installing Axilion’s AI-based Digital Twin technology on traffic lights along its routes, allowing continuous optimization of the Metropolitan’s traffic management. In a short amount of time we doubled the number of passengers, saw higher satisfaction from public transit, less congestion, fewer accidents, & increased pedestrian safety “

Dr. Einat Kalisch-Rotem, Mayor, City of Haifa

  • 11% left their car at home
  • 7 million O&M annual savings
  • 140,000 tonnes of CO2 saved per year

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  • Available via Microsoft Azure

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Easy to deploy

  • Intuitive dashboard